A Deep Dive into Burleigh Print & Design’s Case Studies: Restaurant Labart, Oxygen Magazine, and Fitness First Magazine


We are Burleigh Print & Design, a renowned Print, Design, and Photography company based in Currumbin Waters, Gold Coast. We’ve earned a reputation for delivering high-quality services and paying meticulous attention to detail, resulting in the creation of unique and striking finished products. As a bespoke print and design studio unlike any other, we specialise in Colour Printing, Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Vinyl Labels, Photography, and Fine Art Giclee printing.

Let’s delve into some of our most captivating case studies, which vividly showcase our unparalleled expertise and unwavering dedication to our craft. We’ll be highlighting three of our projects: Restaurant Labart, Oxygen Magazine Australia, and Fitness First Magazine.



The first case study we’ll delve into revolves around the work we undertook for Restaurant Labart, one of Gold Coast’s most acclaimed dining establishments. In addition to creating an elegant and timeless brand rollout for the restaurant, we were also tasked with producing vinyl stickers, tote bags & apparel for the venue. Our adept handling of typography and design played a pivotal role in harmonising the entire range of design media, ensuring a seamless and cohesive dining experience for Labart’s patrons.

Moving on, we’ll closely examine our contributions to Oxygen Magazine Australia, a popular health, fitness, and nutrition publication. This magazine’s engaging content and enlightening articles were brought to life through our exceptional design and printing services. By meticulously blending diverse features and aesthetically pleasing layouts, our involvement significantly contributed to maintaining Oxygen Magazine’s devoted readership while also drawing in new enthusiasts.

Lastly, let’s shine a light on our collaboration with Fitness First Magazine – the foremost fitness publication in Australia. Our proficiency in graphic design and photography played a key role in producing captivating and motivational content, reinforcing the magazine’s position as an industry leader. Our steadfast commitment to innovation and top-notch service ensured that every issue of Fitness First Magazine would engage, motivate, and inform its readers effectively.


An Enriching Experience with Restaurant Labart

Situated in the heart of Burleigh Heads, Restaurant Labart has made a significant impact on the culinary scene with its inventive cuisine and sophisticated ambience. In their quest to establish unique brand collaterals that mirror their vision, they turned to us at Burleigh Print & Design for assistance. Through close collaboration and constant communication, our skilled team was able to conceive elegant and timeless design solutions that perfectly encapsulated the essence of Restaurant Labart.

We focused primarily on vinyl stickers for the launch of Labart food products. This included their famous caramelised butter, pickles, honey and olives. We spoke about the labels needing to be water and heat-proof due to the sterilisation process of the jars. In addition, we produced screen-printed tote bags, apparel for their staff and A6 vouchers for a collaboration with Gold Coast BMW.



Giving Life to Oxygen Magazine Australia

As a cornerstone of Australia’s health and fitness community, Oxygen Magazine Australia boasts a robust following, consistently meeting the evolving needs and interests of its readers. Prioritising the delivery of visually captivating and informative content, the magazine entrusted us with its design and printing requirements.

Recognising that form and function must harmonise seamlessly within a successful magazine, we leveraged our expertise in layout design, colour theory, and print quality to create coherent and engaging editions. We adeptly captured the essence of Oxygen Magazine Australia, curating a seamless amalgamation of diverse articles, visuals, and advertisements that collectively offered an enriching reading experience.

Beyond our prowess in printing, we made significant contributions to enhancing the magazine’s overall aesthetic appeal. Careful curation of images, typography choices, and colour palettes that aligned seamlessly with Oxygen Magazine’s mission and theme bestowed the publication with a distinct identity amidst a crowded market.



Fitness First Magazine: A Synergistic Partnership

As Australia’s premier fitness publication, Fitness First Magazine delves into a wide spectrum of topics spanning well-being, nutrition, and exercise. With a diverse and discerning audience, the magazine sought a partner capable of truly understanding their vision and translating it into print, visuals, and photography. That’s where our team at Burleigh Print & Design stepped in – a seasoned entity in this field, equipped with the skills and experience that Fitness First Magazine desired.

The collaboration between Fitness First Magazine and us culminated in consistently attention-grabbing and inspiring editions. One of the cornerstones of this collaboration was our ability to capture evocative photographs that seamlessly aligned with the magazine’s thematic content. These compelling visuals provided the necessary motivation and inspiration for readers striving to enhance their fitness journeys.

Our expertise in graphic design further shone through the meticulous integration of editorial content and visually appealing layouts. Our unwavering focus on detail and commitment to preserving the magazine’s core values and messages were pivotal to the ongoing success of Fitness First Magazine.


The Burleigh Print & Design Distinction: A Pledge to Excellence

The common thread binding these case studies is our unyielding dedication to excellence. Our commitment goes beyond providing exceptional printing, design, and photography services – we dive deep into understanding the unique intricacies of each project, delivering bespoke solutions tailored to meet the precise needs of our clients. Our collaborative approach not only fosters robust relationships but also ensures our clients are consistently satisfied with the final outcomes.

Our expansive portfolio shows our adaptability across diverse industries, ranging from the food and beverage sector to publications centred on health and fitness. This versatility underscores our adeptness at tailoring our skill set to align with the requisites of each project, positioning us leaps and bounds ahead of our competitors.


A Reliable Partnership You Can Count On

Our compelling case studies affirm that we are the partner you can entrust with your professional printing, design, and photography requirements. From crafting memorable brand collaterals for esteemed establishments like Restaurant Labart to enriching well-established publications such as Oxygen Magazine Australia and Fitness First Magazine, we consistently demonstrate our commitment to delivering standout outcomes for our clients.

So, if you’re seeking a dependable and skilled collaborator to elevate your brand and produce impactful content, look no further than us – Burleigh Print & Design. With our well-established track record, you can anticipate a service that not only meets but surpasses your expectations. Reach out to us today and immerse yourself in the unparalleled expertise we bring to your projects.


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