8 Creative Ways to Boost Your Event with Custom Printing


Creating unforgettable experiences for your event attendees goes beyond just securing an exceptional venue and an engaging program—it involves attention to detail and delivering a personalised touch. One way to achieve this is by leveraging custom printing services to make your event uniquely memorable. In this engaging listicle, we will explore 8 innovative ways to utilise custom print services such as banners, posters, and invitations, positioning Burleigh Print & Design as your go-to provider for all your event printing needs.

From eye-catching signage to bespoke invitations and everything in between, custom printing can elevate the look and feel of your event and leave a lasting impact on your attendees. So, whether you’re hosting a corporate conference or a social gathering, join us as we immerse ourselves in the world of custom printing, destined to make your event truly unmissable!



1. Personalised Invitations and RSVP Cards

Emphasise the significance of your event by creating bespoke invitations and RSVP cards using custom printed designs. Tailored invitations provide an opportunity to reflect your event’s theme and generate anticipation amongst your guests. Choose high-quality paper stock and a unique design reflecting your event’s essence and your brand’s personality. Include essential details such as date, time, venue, dress code, and RSVP instructions.

By opting for a professional printing service like Burleigh Print & Design, you ensure your invitations leave a lasting impression, enticing your guests from the get-go.



2. Creative Event Signage

Event signage plays a vital role in enhancing attendee experience by providing necessary information and navigational cues. Incorporate custom printed banners, posters, and directional signs to guide your guests seamlessly through your event and showcase your logo or event branding consistently.

Consider these innovative ideas:

  • Custom welcome banners: Greet your guests with uniquely designed entrance banners bearing your event name or personalised welcome message
  • Informative posters: Display posters illustrating the event schedule, key speakers, or sponsors to keep attendees informed and engaged
  • Directional signage: Create eye-catching floor decals or arrow signs directing guests to different sections, such as registration, catering, or restrooms


3. Compelling Promotional Banners

Make your event stand out to potential attendees and passers-by with impactful custom-printed banners that capture the attention and highlight the event’s key aspects. Opt for a variety of display options like:

  • Outdoor banners: Use weather-resistant materials to showcase your event branding prominently at the event entrance or on-site parking areas
  • Pull-up banners: Position these portable, vertical banners strategically throughout the event venue to promote your brand or featured sponsors
  • Fabric banners: An environmentally friendly option, fabric banners can add a touch of sophistication and are perfect for draping at indoor venues



4. Bespoke Decor Elements

Transform your event space into a memorable experience by incorporating custom printed decor elements. Create a unique atmosphere with personalised table runners, printed balloons, or even customised wallpaper to really elevate your event design.

Some creative decor elements include:

  • Personalised tablecloths: Opt for custom printed tablecloths or runners with your logo, event theme, or sponsor’s branding
  • Custom printed backdrops: Set up a photo booth with a customised backdrop for guests to capture memorable moments and share on social media
  • Custom wall decals: Apply removable custom-printed decals to the event venue’s walls for added visual interest and branding opportunities



5. Meaningful Giveaways and Event Materials

Deliver a lasting impression with custom printed giveaways and promotional materials that enhance your guest’s event experience. Consider options that are both functional and relevant to your event or brand.

Some thought-provoking ideas include:

  • Personalised notepads or event agendas: Provide your guests with handy custom printed notepads or agendas they can use during or after the event
  • Branded tote bags: A functional and eco-friendly option, custom printed tote bags allow your attendees to carry event materials with ease
  • Themed merchandise: Create a buzz with branded merchandise such as shirts, hats, or drinkware that attendees can take home as a keepsake or memento



6. Dynamic Floor Graphics

Maximise the impact of your event space by utilising dynamic floor graphics to convey information, promote sponsors, or simply guide your guests. Custom printed floor decals add a creative touch to your event design and can be easily removed post-event.

Consider these eye-catching options:

  • Branding or sponsorship decals: Use floor graphics to extend your branding or give exposure to your event sponsors throughout the venue
  • Social distancing markers: Ensure guest safety by using custom printed markers encouraging social distancing during networking or queue areas
  • Attention-grabbing floor designs: Turn your floors into a canvas, transforming the space with unique, custom-printed designs that seamlessly integrate with your event theme



7. Tailored Event Stationery

Enhance your guests’ experience with custom printed event stationery that complements your event’s overall theme. This includes nametags, seating charts, and table numbers for a cohesive and professional touch.

Here are a few examples:

  • Professionally printed nametags: Enable easy networking and identification of attendees with personalised, quality nametags
  • Custom seating charts and table numbers: Guide your guests to their allocated seating with stylish printed seating charts and table numbers
  • Branded menu cards and event programs: Opt for custom printed designs that align with your theme and portray essential event details


8. Visual Presentation Materials

Visual presentation materials, such as custom printed brochures, presentation folders, or speaker backdrops, contribute to the overall impression of your event. Ensure your audience remains engaged and informed with:

  • Informative brochures: Hand out event brochures featuring essential information, including speaker bios, timetable, and sponsor highlights
  • Custom presentation folders: Provide a polished and organised look with branded folders for your attendees to keep their notes and event materials
  • Speaker backdrop: Create a captivating visual impact for speaker presentations with a custom-printed backdrop that coordinates with your event branding


Incorporating custom-printed materials into your event is a creative and effective way to impress attendees and create a memorable, cohesive experience. From personalised invitations and powerful signage to tailor-made decor elements and impactful giveaways, every detail counts when setting your event apart from the rest.

Allow Burleigh Print & Design to assist you in bringing your event vision to life with our professional printing services. Our team of skilled professionals will work closely with you to ensure that each custom-printed element aligns seamlessly with your event theme and branding. Reach out to us today and let our expertise in creating unique, high-quality custom prints help in making your event truly stand out.

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