Peek into the Future: Top Brand Design Trends to Watch Out


The world of brand design continues to evolve, bringing forth new and innovative trends that can significantly impact the way businesses communicate their values and uniqueness to their target audience. Staying up-to-date with these emerging trends is necessary for businesses looking to stay competitive and create a memorable brand identity that resonates with potential customers. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most exciting brand design trends set to take centre stage, offering fresh inspiration for those looking to revamp their visual identity or create a new one altogether.


One trend that is gaining traction in the current design landscape is the use of bold, vivid colours that capture attention and make a strong visual statement. These vibrant colour combinations can be incorporated into various design elements, such as logos, product packaging, and website designs. Embracing this trend not only helps your brand stand out from the competition but also fosters a sense of energy and excitement that can invigorate your audience and leave a memorable impression.



Another trend worth noting is minimalist design, focusing on stripped-back, clean visuals that communicate a sense of clarity and simplicity. This approach is particularly effective for businesses looking to convey a premium, luxury appeal, as the minimalist aesthetic suggests refinement and sophistication. By adopting this design trend, brands can strip away the noise and excess, allowing their core message to shine through with elegance and purpose.


In addition to bold colours and minimalist design, we can see a rising emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly practices. This trend can be embraced through the use of eco-conscious materials in product packaging, as well as incorporating visual elements that communicate a sense of environmental responsibility, such as natural textures and earthy tones.


As a Print, Design, and Photography company based on the Gold Coast, Burleigh Print & Design has its finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving world of design trends. Specialising in high-quality Colour Printing, Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Vinyl Labels, Photography, and Fine Art Giclee printing, our team of experts is committed to helping businesses stay ahead of the curve and incorporate the latest design trends into their brand identity. Keep reading to discover even more recent design trends, and trust Burleigh Print & Design to bring your brand vision to life.


Embracing Fluid Geometric Shapes


We can expect to see an increasing shift towards fluid, flowing geometric shapes in brand design. This trend moves away from the traditional rigidity of geometric forms, instead opting for more organic shapes that convey a sense of movement and dynamism. 


These organic shapes can also be combined with bold colours to create even greater impact. The combination of vibrant hues and fluid forms can work together to create designs that are both eye-catching and emotionally expressive, ultimately helping your brand build stronger connections with potential customers.


Textured Typography


Typography plays a vital role in brand design, as it not only conveys the written message but also contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the design. This year, we can see a growing trend towards textured typography, where designers explore various treatments to add depth and character to the lettering.


From subtle shadows to more pronounced textures like paintbrush strokes or engraved effects, there are countless ways to experiment with this trend to create unique and visually interesting typefaces. By incorporating textured typography into your brand’s visual identity, you can add an extra layer of sophistication and intrigue that sets you apart from the competition.


Hand-drawn Illustrations


In our increasingly digital world, there’s something undeniably refreshing and authentic about hand-drawn illustrations. You can expect this design trend to gain even more traction, with brands harnessing the raw, organic quality of hand-drawn elements to create a sense of warmth and personalisation within their visual identity.


Hand-drawn illustrations can be used across multiple touchpoints, including packaging, advertising materials, social media content, and web design. By embracing this trend, brands can communicate a sense of authenticity and human touch that resonates with audiences, creating a connection that feels genuine and sincere.


Kinetic Logos and Motion Graphics


With the continued rise of digital technology and online branding, kinetic logos and motion graphics are expected to become an increasingly prominent trend. This trend involves the incorporation of movement and interactivity into a brand’s logo, transforming static designs into dynamic, engaging visuals that capture attention and generate interest.


Kinetic logos can take various forms, such as animated gif logos, video logos, or even interactive logos that respond to user input. By incorporating movement into your brand’s visual identity, you can create a sense of modernity and innovation that sets your business apart from more traditional, static designs.


Similarly, motion graphics can be used in advertising, promotional materials, and web design to create engaging, immersive content that tells your brand’s story in a captivating way. By embracing this trend, businesses can leverage technology to elevate their brand presence and create a unique, memorable experience for potential customers.


Staying Ahead with Burleigh Print & Design


As brand design trends continue to evolve, it is essential for businesses to stay up-to-date and incorporate the latest ideas into their visual identity. At Burleigh Print & Design, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of design innovation, offering a range of bespoke services that cater to the diverse needs of our clients.


Whether you’re a start-up needing a full branding package, a creative looking to sell prints, a graphic design agency seeking a trusted printer, or a product-based business in need of packaging and labels, Burleigh Print & Design has got you covered. By staying ahead of the curve and embracing the latest trends in brand design, we can help position your business for ongoing success in 2023 and beyond. Trust in Burleigh Print & Design, your favourite graphic design company in the Gold Coast, to deliver the creative, knowledgeable, and reliable design solutions that your brand deserves.

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