Expert Guide on Designing & Printing Professional Restaurant Menus


Designing and printing a professional restaurant menu is a delicate balance of creativity and functionality, requiring a thoughtful approach to various aspects, including design elements, paper choices, and print quality. A well-crafted menu not only portrays your brand identity but also conveys the essence of the dining experience you aim to provide. In this informative article, we address common questions and concerns that arise while creating visually captivating and practical menus, offering valuable insights on design, paper selection, and printing.

At Burleigh Print & Design, we understand the importance of delivering a comprehensive menu that speaks volumes about your restaurant’s unique offerings. Join us as we explore the art of crafting beautiful and enjoyable restaurant menus, showcasing Burleigh Print & Design’s expertise in meeting the demands of the thriving hospitality industry.

1. Menu Design: Crafting a Visually Appealing Layout

Your restaurant’s menu design is a powerful tool that conveys your eatery’s unique identity, engages customers, and encourages them to explore your offerings. Follow these design principles to create an eye-catching and effective menu layout:

– Hierarchy: Organise your menu items in a clear and logical manner, grouping them into categories such as appetisers, mains, and desserts. Use font size, colour, and typography to emphasise the dishes you want to promote.
– Readability: Ensure your menu is easy to read, opting for clean and legible fonts, good contrast between text and background, and sufficient white space to prevent a cluttered appearance.
– Imagery: Use high-quality, professionally taken food photographs to showcase your signature dishes, but be selective to avoid overwhelming the menu.
– Brand consistency: Align your menu design with your restaurant’s overall brand, featuring elements such as your logo, colour scheme, and typography to deliver a unified dining experience.

2. Selecting the Right Paper for Your Menu

The choice of paper for your menu plays a crucial role in its overall look and feel, as well as its durability. Consider the following factors when selecting the most suitable paper for your restaurant menus:

– Weight: A heavier paper weight, such as 300-350gsm, provides a premium feel and durability, while a lighter weight, 150-200gsm, is more cost-effective and suitable for single-use disposable menus.
– Texture: Choose from various paper textures, including smooth, matte, or linen finish, to create a desired tactile experience. Glossy paper, while visually striking, may show fingerprints or smudges and is less suitable for frequently-handled menus.
– Lamination: Opt for matt or gloss lamination to prolong the life of your menu and protect it from spills, stains, and general wear and tear. Alternatively, encapsulation adds a sealed plastic border around the menu for added protection.
– Environmental responsibility: To demonstrate your commitment to sustainable practices, consider using recycled or FSC-certified paper stocks for your menu printing needs.

3. Essentials for a Functional and Engaging Menu

Combining design, paper selection, and well-structured content creates a functional and engaging menu that adds value to the customer experience. Keep the following essentials in mind when crafting your restaurant menu:

– Clear and concise descriptions: Use descriptive language to entice customers and set expectations for the dishes, but avoid overly complex jargon that may confuse or deter patrons.
– Pricing format: Showcase your prices clearly, yet subtly integrated into the dish descriptions to place the focus on the culinary offerings rather than on costs. Avoid using currency symbols and align pricing consistently throughout the menu.
– Legibility: Ensure your menu content is easily readable by utilising appropriate font sizes, well-organised text alignment, and optimal spacing between lines and sections.
– Foreign language translations: Cater to your diverse clientele by including translations for your menu items, particularly if your restaurant is in a popular tourist destination or offers cuisine from a specific culture.

4. Benefits of Professional Design and Printing Services

Hiring a professional design and print service provider like Burleigh Print & Design for your restaurant menus promises a superior end product, reflecting your restaurant’s quality and commitment to customer satisfaction. Some advantages of opting for professional services include:

– Expert guidance: Design and print professionals will recommend the most suitable design elements, paper choices, and printing processes, ensuring a superior final product that aligns with your restaurant’s brand values and target audience.
– High-quality printing: A professional service provider will guarantee precision and consistency, using advanced printing equipment and techniques to deliver a menu that meets your aesthetic and durability requirements.
– Collaborative approach: Working closely with experienced design and print experts, you can achieve a tailored solution that caters specifically to your individual needs and objectives, ensuring a genuinely unique menu.

5. Effective Menu Distribution Strategies

In addition to presenting your restaurant menu to dine-in customers, consider various distribution channels to reach a wider audience and attract new patrons. Some effective strategies include:

– Online presence: Ensure that your menu is readily available on your restaurant’s website and social media channels, optimised for both desktop and mobile viewing. This enables potential customers to explore your offerings conveniently from their devices before deciding to dine at your establishment.
– Local distribution: Collaborate with local hotels, tourism offices, or nearby businesses to display and distribute your menu to potential customers in the vicinity.
– Direct mail or digital marketing: Utilise direct mail campaigns or email marketing to showcase your menu to an extensive mailing list, offering exclusive promotions or discount vouchers to entice recipients to try or revisit your restaurant.
– Food delivery platforms: Partner with popular food delivery services or apps to increase your restaurant’s visibility and offer a convenient option for patrons to experience your culinary creations from the comfort of their homes.

By investing time and effort into crafting a well-designed and professionally printed restaurant menu, you significantly boost your restaurant’s appeal, creating an enjoyable dining experience for new and returning patrons alike.


In conclusion, a meticulously designed, professionally printed, and effectively distributed restaurant menu plays an integral role in setting your establishment apart from the competition. From crafting visually engaging designs and selecting the ideal paper stock to implementing innovative distribution strategies, every aspect contributes to your restaurant’s identity and customer appeal.

Let Burleigh Print & Design enhance your dining experience with our unrivalled expertise in menu design and printing services in the Gold Coast. Our team of skilled professionals are committed to capturing your restaurant’s unique essence and delivering high-quality, durable menus that impress your patrons. Reach out to us today and elevate your culinary offerings with seamless design and print solutions tailored to your distinctive requirements.

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