Fine Art Giclee Printing

We produce beautiful Fine Art and Giclee prints using premium quality Canon PROGRAF pigment inks on the finest archival materials. Our state of the art calibrated system ensures maximum image vibrancy and print longevity. The 11-colour ink process, is far superior to digital 4 colour CMYK printing and produces superb colour accuracy and quality. We print for many well recognised Australian photographers and also offer a drop shipping service.
Need help or honest advice? Our experienced in-house published photographers offer a retouching service to prepare your file for print.

Museum Grade
Archival Papers

Canson Infinity PhotoSatin 270gsm
A beautiful semi-gloss paper that offers excellent gamut and very high D-Max. A great choice for black & white and colour photography.

Chromajet Metallic Pearl 255gsm
Gorgeous, highly dimensional high gloss paper with a remarkable pearlescent metallic finish.

Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm
The world’s most popular fine art inkjet paper. An absolutely classic, smooth, cotton rag paper that everyone should try.

Hahnemühle German Etching 310gsm
Classic European style art paper with satisfying weight and structured, moderate texture. One of the most popular textured papers.

Hahnemühle Bamboo 290gsm
A warm tone fine art paper with rich & velvety tones. It’s also highly eco-friendly. 

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What is Fine Art Giclee Printing?

Giclée is derived from a blend of French words; gicleur, which is a technical term for a nozzle or jet, and gicler, to spray out. Fine Art Giclee Printing uses pigment-based, archival quality inks, manufactured on advanced inkjet printers.

Giclee printers use up to 12 individual colours, unlike traditional printing technology that uses classic CMYK 4-colour combinations. It provides much smoother gradient transitions and a wider colour gamut with more depth and richness.

What is the difference between a print and a fine art print?

While both are reproductions of artwork or photos, the main difference lies in the quality, materials, and printing techniques used. 

A print typically refers to a mass-produced reproduction with standard printing methods, often using lower-quality materials. On the other hand, a fine art print is a high-quality reproduction created with archival-grade materials, such as acid-free papers or canvas, and pigment-based inks. Fine art prints aim to closely replicate the original artwork in terms of colour accuracy, detail, and longevity.

What are the benefits of Fine Art Giclee Printing?

Fine Art Giclee Printing with Burleigh Print & Design offers several advantages, including precise colour reproduction, high-resolution output, and the ability to print on various fine art papers and canvas. We allow artists and photographers to create museum-quality prints of their work.

How does Fine Art Giclee Printing differ from regular printing methods?

Unlike regular printing methods, Fine Art Giclee Printing uses specialised inkjet printers with a larger colour gamut and higher resolution. It employs archival pigment-based inks that provide longevity and fade resistance, resulting in superior-quality prints.

What type of artwork can be reproduced using Fine Art Giclee Printing?

Fine Art Giclee Printing is suitable for reproducing various types of artwork, including paintings, drawings, illustrations, and photographs. Giclee Printing allows you to create faithful reproductions of their original pieces with remarkable detail and colour accuracy.

Can Fine Art Giclee Prints be considered as valuable as original artwork?

While Fine Art Giclee Prints are high-quality reproductions, they are not considered original artwork. However, they hold value as limited edition prints and can be sought after by collectors and art enthusiasts.

What is the longevity of Fine Art Giclee Prints?

Fine Art Giclee Prints are known for their longevity when produced using archival materials. With proper care and display, these prints can last for several decades without significant fading or deterioration.

Can Fine Art Giclee Printing be customised to specific sizes and paper types?

Yes, one of the advantages of Fine Art Giclee Printing is its flexibility in terms of size and substrate options. We tailor to meet your specific requirements including different paper types, sizes, and finishes.

How can I ensure the colour accuracy of my Fine Art Giclee Prints?

To ensure colour accuracy, we use colour profiling and proofing, to ensure an accurate representation of your artwork.

Can Fine Art Giclee Prints be limited edition prints?

Yes, Fine Art Giclee Prints can be produced as limited edition prints. This adds value and exclusivity to the prints, as they are produced in a limited quantity, signed, and numbered.

How should Fine Art Prints be cared for and displayed?

Our Fine Art Giclee Prints should be displayed in environments with controlled lighting and humidity levels to ensure their longevity. They should be framed using archival materials and protected from direct sunlight, moisture, and excessive handling to maintain their quality over time.

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