Vinyl Stickers and Product Labels – What You Need to Know

Vinyl stickers are a great tool for promoting your business and taking advantage of every marketing opportunity, whether it be on your packaging, or on the back of someone’s car. 

What are vinyl stickers or product labels? 

As the name suggests, vinyl stickers are peel and stick vinyl stickers that have an adhesive back which enables them to be adhered to a variety of surfaces. They are more durable than those made from paper and can be used outdoors. Some of the benefits of vinyl stickers and product labels include: 

  • Water resistant. 
  • Oil resistant
  • Tear resistant.
  • UV proof and fade resistant.
  • Scratch resistant. 

Vinyl labels are also highly effective for product labelling, we can custom design the label to perfectly fit your product. 

Benefits of printing your vinyl stickers at Burleigh Print & Design

At Burleigh Print & Design our state-of-the-art UV printer and cutter produces the highest quality vinyl labels in the industry. For an extra premium finish, we can die-cut any shape print with white ink, raised spot gloss and produce foil finishes.

Durable and long lasting

When it comes to stickers, durability is a key standout. We use the latest technology to print durable stickers with additional laminate. They are highly durable and can be used indoors and outdoors without fading. 

Flexible printing options

One of the biggest benefits of vinyl stickers is that they can be customised to be any shape or size, giving you awesome flexibility when customising a sticker to suit your business. 

Short print runs aren’t a problem

Only want a small quantity of vinyl stickers? No problem. At Burleigh Print and Design we specialise in short-run printing, meaning we have lower minimum order quantities. 

vinyl labels

Precise detail

With our state-of-the-art UV printers we can print in accurate detail. No matter the size or shape of your sticker, our high-quality printers are precise, have beautiful colour reproduction and will convey your message clearly. 

Easy application and removal

Unlike cheaper alternatives, our quality vinyl stickers won’t leave a sticky residue behind when removed. They are quick to apply and can be removed with ease. 

Burleigh Print & Design

At Burleigh Print & Design we can design and print a wide range of vinyl stickers to suit a variety of purposes. Our vinyl printers produce stickers, fast and efficiently without compromising on quality. We can print waterproof vinyl stickers, transparent vinyl stickers, vinyl foil stickers and more! 

Need more information on vinyl sticker printing on the Gold Coast? Connect with us online or call our studio on 55 200 655.

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