What to Consider When Rebranding Your Business

We exist in a world driven by imagery and your branding could determine whether your business is a success or not. Branding is what draws customers in, or drives them away, and it incorporates all aspects of your customer-facing messaging, from your logo, to packaging, to your website and social media. 

Here at Burleigh Print  & Design we have years of experience in all aspects of brand design, from graphic design to photography and print, so here are the top things we believe you need to consider when rebranding your business. 

What’s your reason for rebranding? 

The first thing to consider is why you want to rebrand your business. Is it to build brand recognition, for market repositioning, to become more successful or because your values and mission have changed? 

Rebranding is not an overnight decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s a long process and should never be undertaken because you’re simply bored with your brand or in the event of some kind of crisis. Timing is everything and there’s a lot to consider before you make this big decision.

Can you maintain brand equity? 

It’s important to take brand equity into consideration. Brand equity is:

  • How much value your brand has with your customers.
  • The level of loyalty your customers have. 
  • How aware customers are of your brand.
  • The way your brand is perceived. 

If you have high brand equity you need to ensure your rebrand doesn’t alienate consumers. It’s important that your rebrand is planned carefully to take into consideration what aspects of your brand resonate with your audience and how these factors can be incorporated into your new branding. 

In your rebranding strategy it’s essential to include how you’re going to launch the rebrand and keep your current audience informed and engaged. 

What are your values and mission? 

Over time it’s possible for your organisational values and mission to change. What you thought was important when you created your brand, may be completely different now.

Always do an audit of your values and mission before you rebrand your business. This helps to identify the story you want to tell with your branding and how you want your brand to be received.

Has your audience evolved since you began? 

Another thing that can change over time is your target audience. When you rebrand you’ll need to ensure your new branding appeals to the target audience you want to attract moving forward. You’ll need to create branding that aligns with the direction your business is going and what audience you want to attract. 

How has your product/service changed over time? 

It’s normal for products and services to evolve over time, so your current branding may not align with your current offerings. You’ll need to evaluate how your product/service has changed over time and consider this when rebranding your business. 

What do you like/dislike about your current branding? 

To help you successfully rebrand your business, it’s important to consider what you do and don’t like about your existing branding. There may be aspects you’d like to bring across to the new design and this can give you direction and save time and money when rebranding.

Consider employee and customer input

It’s always important to consider any feedback you have received about your branding from employees and customers. This can help you identify what does and doesn’t work with your current branding and help you move forward in confidence. 

Burleigh print

Rebranding with Burleigh Print & Design

At Burleigh Print & Design we have a team of experts that have worked for some of the most successful design companies in Australia. From our design studio we’ll work with you to rebrand your business, sharing our experience and skills to ensure your new branding is everything you expected and more. 

From graphic design, to photography and printing, we’ve got you covered. We’ll recreate an identity as unique as your business and help you stand out from your competitors. To start your rebranding journey, contact us online or email lee@bureighprint.com.au

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